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Hp 3830mAh/45WH Li-ion Battery

Hp SD03XL Laptop Battery, high quality Battery, Compatible with HP HPQ19I442 battery, can replace your original battery. 1 year Warranty, 100% Guarantee Quality and Fully Test!
Brand : HP Compatible Battery Product List
Replaceable with the following models : HPQ19I442
Rechargeable battery type : Li-ion
Current : 3830mAh/45WH
Voltage : 11.4V
SD03XL Supported models:

HP SD03XL compatible Laptop Battery model:
For HP Chromebook 13 G1 Core m5
Charge limit voltage:13.05V

UK : HP SD03XL Laptop Battery
AT : Akkus HP SD03XL Ersatzbatterien zu verkaufen
FR : HP SD03XL Batterie

High quality, High standard
Features of Our Laptop Battery for HP SD03XL replacement battery:
1.Each Laptop Battery for HP SD03XL replacement battery is made of high-quality lithium-ion battery, which is longer than the last time.
2.The battery is up to standard and fully compatible with original specifications.
3.All our batteries are certified by CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 as safe products.
We specialize in providing high-quality batteries. The Laptop Battery for HP SD03XL has passed tests according to Security Standards to ensure battery's quality. The interface metal and solid insulators of the Laptop Battery for HP SD03XL are made of Premium materials to ensure stable current input and durability. Round-sealed package ,faster delivery and thoughtful after-sales service will make you feel assured to purchase.
No matter how much you look after your laptop, you can’t always help your laptop battery dying. If you’re having problems charging your laptop, you will need a replacement. However, official replacement laptop batteries can be hard to find, and even then they can be expensive to buy.
At Battery Experts, we’re proud to offer every kind of battery on the market, including a wide range of Hp laptop batteries to suit various makes and models – all at bargain prices.
Continue to power your compatible Hp laptop with this SD03XL lithium-ion battery, which features 11.4V of power for reliable recharging. Overload protection ensures safe use of your device.
Special Product:

HP SD03XL 4050mAh/45wh 11.1v

HP SD03XL 92Wh 11.4V

HP SD03XL 2085mAh/32WH 14.4V

HP SD03XL 5400mAh/41.58Wh 7.7V
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